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What will a digital subscription Janes Navy International bring you?

Jane’s Defence Digital subscription allows you to view all of your magazine subscriptions on one interface across multiple channels including PC, Apple, tablet and smart phone.

Search specific topics, companies or news stories with our user-friendly search functionality, presenting all results in a clear concise format, available to view by flash page turner or PDF. Jane’s Defence Digital app enables users to browse the content in a text based format, and once downloaded the ability to view offline.

Janes Navy International delivers timely, accurate and impartial coverage of key operations, technology and procurement issues as they relate to maritime security. Our editorial stance remains unbiased by national or manufacturer-driven considerations.

Janes Navy International helps you:

  • Keep informed on naval development
  • Receive the most current analysis of maritime security issues
  • Reduce security risks with the latest analysis of maritime security issues

Regular features include:

  • Fleet reviews
  • Program profiles
  • Operations and training
  • Technology developments
  • Amphibious warfare
  • Maritime aviation
  • Maritime security issues
  • Naval exercises
  • Force structures and doctrine
  • Defence industry updates
  • Interviews