Jane's Defence Weekly

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Whether your focus is equipment, military geopolitics, forces, organisations, markets or business, Jane's Defence Weekly serves as your authoritative source of defence news, offering breadth of coverage combined with depth of proven expertise.


Jane's Defence Weekly can help you:


  • Obtain industry-leading defence news and features every week
  • Keep track of ongoing military geopolitical activity
  • Monitor events in your region(s) of interest
  • Stay informed about emerging weapon systems and platform programs
  • Save time by reducing the number of news sources you monitor



Jane's Defence Weekly offers:


  • Tri-service global news reporting
  • Industry-specific, forward-looking market analysis
  • Exclusive breaking news from around the world



"I enjoy Jane's Defence Weekly because it helps me stay up to date with defence news and technology."
- Deputy Chief, Weapons Division, Air Force Staff & Units


"I use it to update myself and my counterpart on world military news - procurements and developments."
- First Secretary, Defence & Security


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