Safety at Sea

Safety at Sea
The only magazine dedicated to global maritime safety

A subscription to IHS Safety at Sea brings you the best reporting and analysis on safety in the industry.

Digital + Print

The world’s only dedicated monthly maritime safety magazine, packed with vessel-critical information, presented in an engaging and accessible way to capture the attention of your crew.

Monthly print magazine

Every issue includes:


• Topical features on issues such as navigation and bridge, seafarer health, lifesaving appliances, and fire safety

• Clear, concise safety case studies for crews to evaluate

• Upcoming regulatory changes unpacked in plain English

• The latest information on training courses and initiatives

• Essential security and piracy briefings

• A look at the latest safety products to hit the market

• Access the latest accident reports from the Nautical Institute’s Marine Accident Reporting Scheme (MARS)


Digital editions and archive

A digital edition of the magazine available as a Flash page-turner or PDF download, offered with a searchable archive