CBRN Response Handbook - 4th Edition

Janes CBRN Response Handbook


  • Pre-incident planning: reference material and response scenarios to plan, prepare and train for an incident
  • On-scene procedures: best practice procedures and guidelines for first-responders
  • Post-incident management: effective site clean-up procedures, including decontamination
  • CBRN agents and treatment: properties, delivery systems, symptoms/recognition, environmental factors, treatments
  • CBRN agent use indicators: aids for quick detection/recognition of possible CBRN agent use
  • CBRN mitigation equipment: updated lists of the latest CBRN detection equipment, treatment agents and personal protective equipment

Reasons to Buy

  • Respond quickly to a CBRN incident with a one-stop guide
  • Train and implement realistic response plans for a range of scenarios
  • Detect and treat CBRN agents with most advanced procedures/remedies
  • Base procurement decisions on comparisons of the latest CBRN detection, treatment, protection and management equipment

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