• All The World's Aircraft: Dev & Production 24/25

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    Verified, interconnected open-source intelligence across land, sea and air platforms, weapons and systems, supports entity recognition, capability and threat assessments, and market analysis.

All The World's Aircraft: Dev & Production 24/25 yearbook

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  • All The World's Aircraft: Development & Production 24/25
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Janes All the World’s Aircraft: Development & Production Yearbook 24/25

ISBN: 978-0-7106-3445-0


Understand the world's most modern aircraft.

This broad reference examines current civil and military aircraft in development and under production around the world, providing analysis, strategy, and procurement data. A critical tool for operators and analysts to identify the capabilities, threats, and opportunities of modern aviation assets.

Janes All the World's Aircraft: Development & Production helps you:

  •  Evaluate competitors, partners, and acquisition targets
  •  Assess air technologies
  •  Recognise aerospace market trends
  •  Target product development opportunities
  •  Model air threat scenarios

What's included:

  • Profiles of more than 800 air platforms with updated and verified information to ensure currency and value for users
  • The leading eVTOL programmes and evolving electric aircraft market
  • The fifth- and sixth-generation fighter aircraft programmes
  • An overview that discusses the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the world’s prominent military and commercial aviation programmes, as well as emerging platforms and technologies