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    Verified, interconnected open-source intelligence across land, sea and air platforms, weapons and systems, supports entity recognition, capability and threat assessments, and market analysis.

All The World's Aircraft: In Service 24/25 yearbook

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Janes All the World’s Aircraft: In Service Yearbook 24/25

ISBN: 978-0-7106-3446-7


Gauge airborne capabilities, threats, and opportunities.

This resource offers detailed information about legacy civil and military air platforms that are in service or out of production around the world. It provides aerospace and defence businesses with insights to identify opportunities through maintenance, retrofit, and upgrade programmes. Additionally, it supports military and security organisations by providing reliable information on the offensive and defensive capabilities of these legacy aircraft.

Janes All the World's Aircraft: In Service helps you:

  •  Compare active aircraft
  •  Direct product development
  •  Evaluate competitors, partners, and acquisition targets
  •  Target upgrade opportunities
  •  Model air threat scenarios
  • Evaluate and exploit market opportunities for maintenance, repair, and operations, and sales

What's included:

  • More than 470 records
  • Upgrade programmes of legacy aircraft including conversion of passenger planes into freighters, use of new environment-friendly powerplants, and other notable enhancements and modifications
  • An overview delving into the repercussions of global events such as the Ukraine conflict, Covid-19, and supply chain and delivery challenges affecting the aircraft fleets around the world.