• Aero Engines Yearbook 19/20


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  • Aero Engines Yearbook 19/20


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Aero Engines Yearbook 19/20

Aero Engines Yearbook 19/20

  • Aero Engines Yearbook 19/20
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Janes Aero Engines Yearbook 19/20

Assess current airborne propulsion technologies and capabilities

This comprehensive resource provides detailed information on the gas-turbine aero engines currently in production and in service worldwide, both civil and military. Technical and market intelligence support A&D companies with product and business development, while the content helps military and security organizations with analysis, planning and procurement.

Janes Aero Engines from Janes Group helps you:

  • Assess propulsion technologies
  • Evaluate competitors, partners and acquisition targets
  • Discover sales opportunities
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Model airborne threat scenarios

What's included - Profiles on 430+ gas-turbine engines used by air forces and air arms worldwide, including:

  • Detailed descriptions and specifications
  • Development profiles
  • Data tables for piston engine types
  • Photographs and sectional drawings
  • Manufacturer information