• Flight Avionics Yearbook 19/20


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  • Flight Avionics Yearbook 19/20


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Flight Avionics Yearbook 19/20

Flight Avionics Yearbook 19/20

  • Flight Avionics Yearbook 19/20
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Janes Flight Avionics Yearbook 19/20

Assess avionics systems and develop capability

This comprehensive reference details flight avionics control and related systems—in development, in production and in service in aircraft around the world. Provides information to military and security organizations to support capability analysis, planning and procurement, and delivers market intelligence to A&D firms.

Janes Flight Avionics from Janes Group helps you:

  • Determine current and future capability requirements
  • Identify avionics suppliers, partners and acquisition targets
  • Conduct market research and competitor analysis
  • Evaluate partners and acquisitions
  • Discover sales opportunities
  • Model scenarios

What's included - Profiles of 1,700+ avionics systems covering:

  • Display systems, description and specifications
  • Flight and mission management
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Avionic communication systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Type, versions and variants
  • Program history and status
  • Contractor information