• Weapons: Strategic 22/23 Yearbook

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  • Weapons: Strategic 22/23 Yearbook - digital version


    Verified, interconnected open-source intelligence across land, sea and air platforms, weapons and systems, supports entity recognition, capability and threat assessments, and market analysis.

Weapons: Strategic 22/23 Yearbook

Weapons: Strategic 22/23 Yearbook

  • Weapons: Strategic 22/23 Yearbook
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Janes Weapons: Strategic Yearbook 22/23

Sharpen your strategic defence solutions

This resource provides comprehensive, credible and up-to-date information on strategic weapons systems—in development, in production and in service worldwide. Detailed technical and program data aids military and security organizations with analysis, strategic planning and procurement, and A&D firms benefit from market intelligence.

Janes Weapons: Strategic helps you:

  •  Direct product development
  •  Evaluate competitors, partners and acquisition targets
  •  Conduct defence market research
  •  Undertake cost-effective procurement
  •  Benchmark strategic weapons systems technology

What's included - Profiles of 195 offensive and defensive strategic weapon systems in 100+ countries cover:

  •  Technical details, specifications and capability descriptions
  •  Operational status and arms control obligations
  •  Development and programme information
  •  Deployment details
  •  Photographs and diagrams
  •  Inventories by country
  •  Suppliers and manufacturers