• Weapons: Ammunition Yearbook 20/21


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  • Weapons: Ammunition Yearbook 20/21


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Weapons: Ammunition Yearbook 20/21

Weapons: Ammunition Yearbook 20/21

  • Weapons: Ammunition Yearbook 20/21
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Janes Weapons: Ammunition Yearbook 20/21

Identify, procure and counter worldwide ammunition

This guide combines detailed technical information with data tables and photographs of the world's ammunition currently in service with armed forces and paramilitary organizations worldwide. Market analysis boosts A&D business development, while military and security organizations benefit from support for intelligence, procurement and training.

Janes Weapons: Ammunition from Janes Group helps you:

  • Evaluate competitors, partners and acquisition targets
  • Monitor tri-service defence capability needs
  • Identify ammunition suppliers and market opportunities
  • Benchmark ammunition technology
  • Direct weapons procurement programs

What's included - Profiles of 1,800+ types of ammunition cover:

  • Technical details, specifications and capability descriptions
  • Development and program information
  • Commercial details
  • Photographs and diagrams
  • National inventories
  • Identification reference tables
  • Suppliers and manufacturers